This is a collection of recent screenplay samples. If any of them interest you, shoot me an email and introduce yourself. I'll gladly send you the latest draft.



After becoming stranded on a derelict WWII era naval ship, two feuding salvage teams must work together in order to survive its inhabitants and its secrets.

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After his final case turns supernatural, a retired Oregon State Police Detective begins working for a mysterious billionaire with a nefarious agenda.



Death Of The Dogmen

When a Forest Service Ranger manages to disrupt the narcotics production of a local family, he inadvertently kicks off a chain reaction. Only after his “best friend” becomes their latest victim does he follow a path of no return to bring the criminals to the justice that they deserve.

First Fifteen

A Rose By Any Other Name

An aimless WWII vet tasked with investigating the disappearance of a friend’s daughter, inadvertently uncovers a conspiracy involving the highest levels of city government and their possible role in a recent town flood.

First Fifteen

In A Grey World

Acceptance is the first step to progress. In A Grey World weaves the stories of three men, unfairly, convicted of sex abuse crimes as they utilize the support of each other to find that there is still hope. While a fourth, unaware that he is headed down the same path, reacts to his sister’s attack in the only way he knows how, revenge.

First Fifteen